A pivot into healthcare with nearly triple the revenue.

"Their project manager is capable, smart, and a great partner. She demonstrated strong interpersonal and risk management skills."

- Independent client review, Clutch

Project Highlights

  • Pivoted into the Medicaid market through an SMS-based rewards program
  • Laser focused MVP got us to market within weeks, not months
  • Redesigned customer portal integrated with familiar services like Fitbit
  • Reduced complexity while improving performance and transparency
  • Helped client nearly triple their annualized revenue
  • Agile project leveraged informed by user research and Google Brand Sprint

True product evolution.

I became project manager for PUSH for Wellness on my first day of work at Table XI, so this team has been near and dear to my heart for years. I helped them pivot from a company working with small employers with less than 500 employees to healthcare plans with an average of 150,000 members. 

PUSH manages employee wellness programs that financially incentivize participants who improve their health. Many of their internal processes were manual, subscale and expensive. PUSH devoted a lot of time to getting user feedback from their actual customers. As a result, and in combination with a Google Brand Sprint I'll tell you about later, we designed a new customer portal:

  • We completely re-engineered the way wellness rewards were calculated, without changing the financial impact on users
  • We provided a fresh new interface that leveraged familiar services like fitbit, higi, and others
  • We made transactions transparent to customers
  • We drastically improved system performance

The following year, we took on an even bigger challenge. We engaged in a large scale project to digitize workflows and drive intelligent outreach to members using SMS compliant with privacy and consumer protection regulations. This project required us to ideate and innovate with the client team, master the use of new technologies,  design and implement a complex data model and collaborate with third party vendors including Twilio, AWS and Salesforce. In addition, we managed secure development and production environments, managing third parties and maintaining a secure environment that satisfies complex healthcare privacy and security regulations. I worked with PUSH team throughout these projects.

A dedicated team critical to PUSH's success.

From their earliest engagement, Table XI supplemented PUSH's operational procedures and managed the development environment. With new funding in 2017,  this relationship expanded. Table XI became an extension of PUSH's in-house product team. During this time, I worked alongside PUSH's product manager, a member of our leadership team who served as their CTO, and managed a team of four developers, a designer and a UX researcher. Our early efforts were instrumental in enabling PUSH to identify and close a significant new client that doubled their revenue and nearly tripled their annualized recurring revenue. This sales was a key strategic imperative for PUSH we were proud to help them reach.

PUSH team in agile lego game

The PUSH team learns about Agile methodology through the Agile Lego game.

Starting with the basics, even for a long-term client

PUSH had been in "maintenance mode" for the first years I worked with them, requiring only some sporadic development work. When the new, large projects with a cross functional team began, however, I didn't want to make any assumptions about working together. We started from scratch with an Agile Lego workshop to initiate their whole team on working in an Agile project. We also ran a couple of inceptions (product strategy workshops) to kick off each major project phase and identify key business drivers, risks, and most valuable features.  We then ran an Agile project with traditional rituals such as Iteration Planning Meetings, Daily Standup, Showcases and Retrospectives. In addition, we identified the need for deeper analysis sessions to collaborate with the product owner on writing the more technically complex stories and acceptance criteria.

"We appreciate their sophisticated approach to project management and inception. They’ve taught us how to manage a large-scale project and that education has paid dividends."

- Independent client review, Clutch

PUSH Nancy at whiteboard

Nancy from PUSH during our Google Branding Sprint for their commercial product.

Another workshop we used to improve our customer portal was the Google Ventures' Brand Sprint. They are 3-hours long, which is manageable enough for even an executive group to attend. PUSH's sprint yielded great results that could be leveraged in the short and long term. Our designer created style tiles afterwards, and that guided the rest of our design work. Better than the visuals is the buy-in you get from the client's team having gone through the exercise together, and sharing understanding of their "true north". 

Last but not least, regulatory compliance. Oi.

When you work in healthcare, you have to comply with certain standards like HIPAA regulations, and in PUSH's case, SOC 2 as well. As their project manager,  I helped PUSH rewrite policies and procedures that impacted their systems. We also set up the procedures and documentation they needed to prove compliance. Because those impacted Table XI, I also collaborated with our management team to write our own policies, establish a company security officer, and run an internal audit. It was all sorts of fun. While this was not my first rodeo with HIPAA, it was the first time I helped a client not only document how secure the platform was, but manage the team that stood up the infrastructure. I learned more than I ever wanted to know about Amazon's CloudWatch, alerts, logging and encryption. 

If you need to go through something like this yourself, save some time and give me a shout.

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