this is judith

this is judith

Hi, I'm Judith Sol Dyess.

I am a project strategist that helps people deliver their best work, while enjoying it.

Because my primary focus is on developing and leading successful teams, we succeed across industries, methodologies or budgets. I've worked with amazing professionals who have supported and encouraged me to be my absolute best and to expect that from others. I’ve learned what real collaboration is and how to develop highly functional teams. I strive to understand each person's strengths, to be inclusive and respectful of others, and definitely to have fun doing it. Isn't it time we worked together?

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Ideation & Facilitation

  • Team Project Kickoff workshops
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • "Projects in Real Life" workshops
  • Google Design Sprints
  • Product Strategy workshops
  • Project Inceptions
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Product Strategy

  • Product Strategy
  • User Research 
  • Collaboration with Design & UX
  • Serve as client Product Manager (or collaborate with theirs)
  • MVP Release planning
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Project Management

  • 20 yrs project management experience
  • 10 yrs working in Agile methodology
  • Lead global, cross functional teams
  • Manage small to large budgets
  • Confidently facilitate all rituals
  • Coach and develop team members
"Judith’s passion for her work is contagious."
Jill Doerner

- Jill Doerner, Senior Vice President of Operations, YMCA of Metro Chicago

I deliver value.

I ramp up quickly to understand the challenges, and break large problems into smaller, more manageable deliverables the team can solve. While I make sure everything is running smoothly, I help cross functional teams of UX, designers and developers provide demonstrative value to users and clients.

"Judith rolls up her sleeves to deliver value to her clients."
Will Norris

- Will Norris, UX Consultant

I lead teams.

I work with people who have different capabilities and lenses through which they view their work. I ensure everyone’s voice is heard so they can contribute in a way that lets them comfortably expose both their competence and personality, and deliver the best possible solution.

"Judith gives great direct, actionable feedback and I trust her to always have my back. In a professional client setting that is a great strength and helps me push my work to be the best it can be."
Rex Checkal

- Rex Chekal, Creative Director, Table XI

I give back.

I love helping others who are earlier in their careers understand how to leverage their current skills, expand them, and ultimately be able to see more options ahead of them. I do that so they can make choices they didn’t see before.

"Judith is such a joy to collaborate with. She manages to strike an exquisite balance between soft people skills and a no-nonsense assertiveness to move forward and get things done."
Bill Baxter

- Bill Baxter, Instructor, Project Road Training

I empower others.

In addition to practicing this on my projects, I teach others to form highly collaborative teams. They learn lessons like how to “fail fast”, how make large problems smaller, and how to leverage everyone’s strengths on a team. While I can teach a standardized methodology, I also like proposing how and why you might deviate from it to meet your needs.

"Judith is an extremely proactive and selfless individual. I help run a non-profit coding bootcamp for military veterans and their spouses; upon hearing our mission, she, without prompting, asked how she could be of help at no cost to us. Judith continued to offer training for each cohort and always received rave reviews."
Jon Young

- Jonathan Young, Lead Instructor, Code Platoon

Judith doing a demo
About Judith Sol Dyess

"Silience" (with that extra i) is a word that describes my leadership style really well. It is “the kind of unnoticed excellence that carries on around you every day”. I strive to surface that excellence in people so they are more aware of their talent, more confident in themselves, and the whole team is stronger together. I believe that when a project ends, clients and team members should feel they have done their best, and their excellence has not gone unnoticed.

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