I wear many hats to deliver value.
And helmets. And wigs. Oi.

Let's face it, I look awful in hats. But each project has its own character and you go with the flow. Whether it's being the product owner for my client, the project manager, scrum master, or occassional comedian, I've learned to flex my project muscles to benefit the project. 

judith wearing a helmet
judith in a pink wig
judith in a light up hat
"Judith always has the trust of her clients and understands their needs and how to balance that with the needs of the user."
Rex Checkal

- Rex Chekal, Creative Director, Table XI

The project manager hat.

I’ve managed projects for more than 15 years - both as an employee and as a consultant. I’ve used predictive and adaptive approaches (such as Agile), and I’m not afraid to combine parts of them when it seems best. I’ve implemented commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS), customized home-grown platforms that were older than me, integrated legacy apps with modern web-based user interfaces, and built custom websites and mobile apps with an emphasis on design thinking. As part of my work, I facilitate - and often teach others to run - various project rituals:

  • Iteration planning meetings
  • Business analysis sessions
  • Technical design sessions
  • Iteration retrospectives
  • Client showcases
  • Project retrospectives
  • Daily standups (though we mostly sit)
  • Managing scope changes
  • Budgets and forecasts
  • Steering committee meetings
Project team celebrating

Celebrating one of my first project launches. There's single malt scotch in those mugs, because I'm classy like that.

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"Judith was instrumental in helping us develop and deliver a new product offering by advocating for the clients' needs and their budgets. "
Will Norris

- Will Norris, UX Consultant

The product hat.

The product hat.

While I am often managing clients' projects, I also serve in a product management role when the client doesn't have someone there. My clients span across industries, and as a consultant I am able to ramp up quickly and learn about their challenges and opportunities:

  • Healthcare
  • Startups
  • FinTech
  • Manufacturing
  • Large and small nonprofits
  • Events Management
  • Food (I love food!)

I help clients manage the scope necessary to deliver a minimally viable product (MVP) while leveraging their (sometimes still unknown) user needs. I’ve advised clients on how to think about their product strategically, helped them with vendor management, written policies and procedures, and performed risk assessments.

Andrea from WOC

One of my clients at the end of a user research session we did to inform their website redesign.

"Judith is a seasoned professional. She knows how to run every phase of a project expertly, and she brings years of valuable experience to each engagement."

- Wendy, Director of Channel Development

The UX hat wig.

I have managed cross functional teams and worked with fantastic designers on some challenging projects. I’ve worked with great User Experience professionals doing user interviews and testing. It turns out you need to be a pretty empathetic indivisual to succed there (and my colleagues have kindly tried to improve that part of me). All kidding aside, I learned to love and really value UX early on my consulting career, and if you're not thinking about your users first, I'm raising my eyebrow a bit and we should talk. My UX experience includes:

  • Facilitating Google design sprints
  • Running dual track scrum projects
  • Managing discovery projects (user research and prototyping)
  • Working with visual designers on prototypes
  • Developing personas
  • Teaching others to run design sprints
UX team wearing wigs

One of my UX & Design teams having a bit of fun during a design sprint. Oddly, I was not the one who brought the wigs.

"Judith makes it easy for the team to be effective. She puts emphasis on alleviating pain points and blockers so the team can continue delivering high quality work."
Aly Fluckey

- Aly Fluckey, Developer

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The developer hat.

It's been a long time since I wrote code, so I leave that to the experts now. I've worked with some wickedly smart developers! I have a lot of custom software experience, both in web and mobile apps, and some IoT as well. Technologist I've worked with were experts at Ruby on Rail, React Web, React Native, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a slew of front end languages and frameworks that, to be honest, they just make work while I keep my eye on the product, scope and budget. Suffice it to say, my teams have worked on solving some pretty complex problems, and I continue to be amazed at how easily they seem to do it!

LCR 600 register

Sometimes software starts with hardware. This IoT project involved lots of things to connect!

“Judith will ensure that if she needs to wear multiple hats on a project, she wears them well. ”
Will Norris

- Will Norris, UX Consultant

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