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When people start working on a team project for the first time, there is a lot to be done and organized. By this point students have already been coding personal projects for several weeks, and now is the first time they are working together as teams to deliver an app before graduation. This workshop helps students polish their product ideas, sketch them, identify key features, prioritize them, and write the user stories that will smoothly carry them through the next few weeks of work.

This workshop is designed to be scalable for one team or ten, depending on the size of your cohort. Contact me to talk about how to customize it for your group!

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What it is

This is a 6 hour workshop with hands-on team activities for every section we cover. Using examples from previous boot camp projects, each team applies the learnings to their own project.

This is not an academic course on Agile development, however — this is just enough detail to get the teams through their final projects, so everything we cover is used immediately and “just in time”.

By the time we’re finished, teams know what they are building, the problems their app will solve, and they have a prioritized list of features to break into user stories. They are also much better prepared to talk to prospective employers about working in teams, doing scope definition, and breaking down features into smaller user stories.

What you'll learn

First we all learn about a topic, and then break out into teams to apply that to our apps:

  • “Elevator pitch” for your project
  • Sketching initial ideas
  • Introduction to scope
  • Feature prioritization using MoSCoW
  • Introduction to user stories
  • Boot camp project examples
  • Story writing and feedback

The rest of the day students design a better defined app and write additional user stories on their own.

"This whole group project has been a bit overwhelming in regards to how to approach it but you cleared so much up! Great presentation, delivery, and engagement!"
- Josh, Code Platoon student

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