Projects: from Inception to Implementation

in real life

You may be familiar with projects and methodologies — but not enough to know what to expect from day one when it comes to working with individuals, within a new team, or in different types of organizations. Here we talk about all those things and leave room for plenty of questions and advice.  

A series of bullet points outlining the content of the workshop. It's comprised of sub sections for Projects, People, Teams and Organizations.

What it is

3 hour remote session for people who want to dig deeper into how projects work — their phases, stakeholders and gotchas. This is not necessarily for project managers, just anyone who is going to work on projects.

What you'll learn

During this session, we'll cover:

  • The various phases a project goes through
  • "Textbook" and "real life" examples and steps for each phase
  • Thinking about individual diversity — how people learn, work and lead
  • Same for teams — who is on a team, what motivates them, and when you'll get on each other's nerves (maybe)
  • Organization types and power structures
  • Lots of Q&A

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