Product Ideation Workshop

When people start working on a team project for the first time, there are lots of different ideas about what the team will be delivering. Oftentimes this is an app, but the concepts and exercises we cover in this session are not specific to software development. What we do is take all divergent ideas and work together to converge on a more defined solution.

This workshop is intended for teams. 

Grid of participants showing their sketches

What it is

This is a 2 hour workshop with hands-on team activities for every section we cover.

If you have extra time, I recommend appending a breakout on feature prioritization.

What you'll learn

During this workshop, we'll do this:

  • Identify the challenges to be solved, and why

  • Consider your users’ needs

  • Review what others are doing in the same space

  • Identify where your product can make a difference

  • Consider your known risks, and what you still need to learn

  • Define your measurements for success

  • Ideate on and sketch initial ideas for your product

  • Agree on the team’s collaboration and communication norms

    After the session, you will also be given a framework for prioritizing the features you’ll want to build for your product.

"Although all our group's ideas were there, they were spread across different platforms and everyone had different views on what was most important. Judith helped us establish what was most important and relevant. Her workshop was very engaging and I think I speak for my entire group when I say that not only was it very helpful but we all really enjoyed it!"
- Pia, CodeOp student

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