I facilitate awesome workshops.

I love facilitating workshops, giving talks, running and project inceptions. I consider it an honor to be able to share my experience with people who are eager to learn new tools and techniques. Whether they apply them within their own organization or they use it to help with team building and project management, there’s nothing more energizing than being in the middle of so much learning.

A lot of my sessions are geared towards people in the early stages of their careers in tech, which are often their second or third careers.

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"Judith's workshop was very engaging and I think I speak for my entire group when I say that not only was it very helpful but we all really enjoyed it!"

- Pia, CodeOp graduate

Workshops & Sessions

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Team Project Kickoffs

This workshop is structured for code academies or dev boot camps who are starting their team projects. We move from initial ideation all the way through sketching and writing user stories. When we're done, developers can break down work into a prioritized, manageable workload and work more efficiently on their final projects.

Introduction to Agile

If you have limited — or zero — experience with Agile but will be going into the tech field, this is a good introductory session. Often, developer boot camp students benefit from this session because it helps them learn the concept and terminology they will use after graduation. They are also better prepared for interviews and their first work teams.

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Product Ideation

When people start working on a team project for the first time, there are lots of different ideas about what the team will be delivering. The concepts and exercises we cover in this session don't have to be specific to software development. What we do is take all divergent ideas and work together to converge on a more defined solution.

Projects in real life: Introduction

A lot of people have approached me about starting a career in project management, so I created this session to give participants a glimpse into what that’s like from my experience and perspective. This is a general session that is not specific to any methodology or industry.

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A series of bullet points outlining the content of the workshop. It's comprised of sub sections for Projects, People, Teams and Organizations.

Projects in real life: from Inception to Implementation

What is it like to walk into your first project? Or your first one at a new company? What can you expect when it comes to the lifecycle of a project when it comes to working with individuals, within a team, and within different types of organizations? This 3 hour session gets into more detail (and actionable steps) about those topics. An abridged 60-minute session is also available, with complementary materials to be consumed asynchronously.

Agile Lego Game

Learn how Agile principles and techniques lead to better project outcomes, even when the outcomes are made of Lego. Perfect for groups that are new to Agile and want to learn the concepts quickly and interactively.

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Google Design Sprints

 Learn how to facilitate five day design sprint, based on the Google Ventures model. We'll walk you through each step of the process, from brainstorming, to prototyping, to testing on real users, to synthesizing the results, so you can bring a new level of proof to all of your projects. Perfect for individuals who want to lean how to run these in their own companies, or for their clients.

"Judith created a half-day Agile workshop for our students utilizing Legos and team-building exercises. She continued to offer this training for each cohort we had and the workshop has always received rave reviews."
Jon Young

- Jonathan Young, Lead Instructor, Code Platoon

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