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Group learning with legos

Agile Lego Workshop

Learning how to work in Agile can feel overwhelming, with the host of terminologies and misconceptions out there. But im this workshop, you quickly see that Agile is nothing more than a system to bring out the best in you and your team.

I've taught Agile games for team building and for teaching clients who are new to the Agile experience. Legos can to turn Agile training into an engaging and collaborative game. You'll get a chance to test that play-based approach in our Agile Lego Game workshop, while giving your team a chance to learn Agile skills and put them into practice.

The workshop will take you through all the twists and turns a project can go through, showing you how Agile processes make it easier to respond effectively. At the end of this Agile game, you'll walk away with an impressive Lego structure, a happy team and a much better understanding of how to run projects using Agile.

What is it

In this Agile learning game, teams of six to ten people will work together to manage a pretend project with a deliverable made entirely of Lego bricks. I will play the role of customer, providing business goals and requirements, and validating results.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn terminology and how to structure a project — all while playing an Agile collaboration game that delivers hands-on experience. You’ll also learn how Agile principles and techniques lead to better project outcomes, even when the outcomes are made of Lego.

Google Sprint Workshop

Google Design Sprints

The promise of a Design Sprint is simple — and valuable. In just five days, you can learn whether an idea is worthwhile or not. Imagine the effort, time and money a that you could save by using a Product Design Sprint to find out in one week whether a product, feature or process was really going to work for users. Instead of devoting months of production work to a hypothesis, you can test it immediately and move forward with facts.

The Google Design Sprint process was developed by the company's investment arm, Google Ventures, to quickly assess whether an idea was worthy of their funding. I've used the Design Sprint framework to help companies at all stages of the product development process validate their work and build with confidence.

In a Google Design Sprint Workshop, you'll learn the skills to bring your ideas to life and put them in front of users in one workweek. We'll walk you through each step of the Product Design Sprint Process, from brainstorming, to prototyping, to testing on real users, to synthesizing the results, so you can bring a new level of proof to all of your projects.

What is it

A full or half-day workshop that will walk you through the five-day Google Design Sprint process and give you hands-on experience with each of the techniques — so you can create, prototype and test ideas in just one week.

What you’ll learn

You’ll learn how the biggest challenges are better solved with less time, not more. Our Design Sprint training will prepare you to work as a team to find better solutions, then show you how to test anything in one week by building a realistic prototype.

"Judith created a half-day Agile workshop for our students utilizing Legos and team-building exercises. She continued to offer this training for each cohort we had and the workshop has always received rave reviews."
Jon Young

- Jonathan Young, Lead Instructor, Code Platoon

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